3 Reasons Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water

Water makes up much of our body and pretty much every health expert will swear on staying hydrated to maintain proper bodily health and function, but what does water actually do for us? We are going to go over some of the top benefits right now.

Regulating Body Temperature

One thing that separates humans from most other living organisms is our ability to dissipate heat through sweat, which is the body’s natural way of cooling itself. Sweat obviously means that the body is using water to keep our body at a safe temperature.

Because of this, it is important to drink plenty of water in order to replenish what is lost through sweat. This will give the body more access to water to use to cool itself and keep plenty in reserve to carry out all of the other functions it is used for.

Maximize Athletic Performance

This ties in with sweat and temperature regulation, as the body can sweat out around 7-10% of its body weight during physical activity. Proper hydration will increase your body’s strength, power, and endurance output, and dehydration can really dampen such traits.

Dehydration, especially during physical activity in the heat, can lead to an increased risk of hyperthermia, decreased blood pressure, and heatstroke.

Excretes Waste Through Perspiration, Urination, and Defecation

Water is our body's main source of plumbing for waste excretion. Your kidneys are important for filtering out waste through urination. Proper water intake helps your kidneys work more efficiently and helps to prevent kidney stones. This goes for healthy stool as well, your body needs enough water to keep things moving.

Bottom Line

Water is super important for adequate bodily function on many levels, so make sure to be getting enough each day. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that the general water intake that meets most people’s needs is: about 15.5 cups of water (125 ounces) each day for men and about 11.5 cups (91 ounces) daily for women. You will of course need to increase water intake during physical activity, so make sure to be mindful of your water intake and hydration level as part of a well-rounded health and wellness program.

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