Summer 2022 Shoe Recommendations from a Collegiate Runner: Workout and Tempo Shoe

My next pick will handle your speed days, specifically interval work and tempo style runs to give you that extra edge in your next competition:

Asics Magic Speed ($100 MSRP)

Building a full arsenal of running shoes to cover all your needs can be pricey, as many models easily reach the $150-$200 range. This pick for workouts comes in at a much less daunting $100, with frequent sales allowing runners to get an upbeat, carbon-plated shoe for significantly less than most of the competition. I first picked up the Asics Magic Speed for track work and tempo runs for my previous track season, and these shoes held up throughout the entire 4-month block.

The shoe features a lightweight carbon plate running through the midfoot to the toebox, wedged between two layers of Asics’ FF Blast midsole foam. The foam was not overly responsive but still provided ample cushioning to get your cadence up with less effort than a traditional trainer.

The outsole is made of durable rubber, which flows seamlessly along the entire shoe, making this pick best suited for road and track surfaces. The upper is extremely lightweight with an effective lockdown system that helped give me that race-day-ready feel without the hefty price tag. I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a budget workout or entry-level

road-racing flat. The Magic Speed is also a great option for those transitioning into carbon-plated running as the Asics GUIDESOLE technology gives you an effortless roll feeling that won’t aggravate lower leg muscles.

As for the durability, my pair had around 300 miles before feeling like I needed to swap them out. With that being said, the shoe held up incredibly well with hardly any exterior wear and tear; the compression of the foam in the heel felt slightly less responsive after this point, but by no means was this pair unusable.

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