Why Are We Stressing So Much?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

To live a long healthy life is not only about our physical health, but also very much our mental health. Stress is a major public health problem because we live in a busy society that constantly makes us on the run. Stress and depression are often something that we're not aware of and can have physical consequences for our overall health.

When we are stressed, our body elevates cortisol levels and inflammation which can influence our health through high blood pressure, increased storage of fat cells as well as lower our metabolic level.

Additionally, it may also influence our health through unhealthy behaviors, including overeating and smoking. Therefore, it is important to destress, relax, and feel satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings. I personally love to hike and walk in nature to turn off all my frustrations in life. Also, I usually take a nice cold swim in the ocean every morning after I wake up and just sit on the shore with a cup of tea watching the sunrise on the horizon. It is peaceful and makes me get a different perspective on my life. Go enjoy nature at its finest moments!

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